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Fiscal court agenda 6-24-2022

Daniel & Alice Tarnagda – Co-Directors of the Refuge BG. (Partnering with Parks for Soccer usage).

Crowdsouth will be here to give an update on progress of our Workforce Participation program with the BowlingGreenWorks.Com website and targeted outreach.

Stan Reagan to give a presentation on Solid Waste.


9:00 AM

FRIDAY, JUNE 24,2022


1. Invocation,EsquireMark Young.

2. Pledge to the Flag

3. Roll Call

4. Approve Minutes of the Fiscal Court Meeting of June 10, 2022.

5. Approve Work Schedule for the Warren County Road Department.

6. Approve Personnel Changes for Warren County.

7. Approve Recommendation from Solid Waste Committee.

8. Approve 2nd& Final Reading of Ordinance 22-37WC Approving the Budget for 2022-2023 for Warren Countyand related documentsand authorize Judge Executive to sign.


10. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,011.00 from Ed’s Supply for 50 various size bag type air filters for Sky-Pac. Multiple quotes received – this is lowest and best quote.

11. Approve Determination in the amount of $1,050.00 to Pye Barker Fire and Safety for monitoring equipment for the Warren County Courthouse.

12. Approve a payment of $250,000.00 to Lost River Cave for a Grant Agreement Paid for by ARPA Grant Funds. (These funds will be used to pave the Nature Preserve for Visitors, particularly those with disabilities).

13. Approve Administrative Code for Warren County. (No change)

14. Approve the Audit of the Sheriff’s Office 2020 Tax Settlement.

15. Approve $25,000.00 to CrowdSouth for workforce development efforts targeted geofencing outreach.

16. Approve the purchase in the amount of $67,681.35 to 908 Devices, Inc. for a MX-908-C Drug Detection Device. (Single Source) Paid by WCRJ Canteen Funds.

17. Approve Resolution #22-20 Approving a Lease for the Financing of a Project; Providing for the Payment and Security of the Lease; Authorizing the Execution of Various Documents Related to such Lease; and Making Certain Designations Regarding such Lease. (This lease is for the 11 vehicles the Sheriff’s Office is getting).

18. Grant authority for Judge Executive to sign all documents relating to the Lease Agreement with KACo for the Sheriff’s Department for the 11 vehicles they are purchasing.

19. Approve Determination in the amount of $20,100.00 to Reynolds Sealing and Striping to resurface the Tennis Courts at Griffin Park plus replacing poles & nets.. (KPC Pricing).

20. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,199.17 to Ryder Transportation Services for rental of a truck for use in delivery and pick up of voting machines for election use.

21. Approve the Budget Amendment for the Warren County Clerk’s Office.

22. Approve Salt Bid from Compass Minerals for $147.77 per ton. (Only bid received).

23. Approve Determination in the amount of $22,934.84 to AAA Systems for upgrade to the current camera system at Griffin Park. (KPC Pricing)

24. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,720.00 to Tango Tango for Communication Services for the Drug Task Force. (This is needed for surveillance and other investigative uses). Single Source. (No cost to Warren County – Funded from the Forfeiture Account).

25. Approve the Treasurer’s Annual Settlement for 2021-2022.

26. Approve the Standing Order for 2022-2023.

27. Approve Inter Fund Transfers for Warren County.

28. Approve the May 2022 Treasurer’s Report.

29. Approve Resolution #22-23 Emergency Budget Amendment.

30. Approve Emergency Determination in the amount of $5,326.50 to Western Kentucky Door and Specialties, LLC for replacement of two outdoor recreation security doors. (The original doors were installed in 1987 and were rusted and rotted creating a safety and security risk).

31. Grant Judge Executive authority to sign Renewal of the Transportation Service Agreement between the Warren County Sheriff’s Department and Life Skills. (Providing transportation to Western State Hospital).

32. Accept the only bids for 22-03 Metal Drainage Pipe from Bowling Green Steel and 22-05 for Gasoline and Diesel Fuel from Valor Oil.

33. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,515.90 to Greenwood Ford for paint and body work on the 2021 Dodge Durango that was involved in a collision (vehicle vs deer) on June 9, 2022. (Three quotes requested only two received).

34. Grant authority for the Warren County Parks Department to enter into an Agreement with Feed America Food Distribution Program at White Park under The Emergency Food Assistance Program Sub Outlet Agreement. (This program provides monthly food distribution to over approximately 500 citizens within Warren County.

35. Grant authority to advertise for bids for the Vending Machine Contract for all Warren County Parks and Recreation Department locations.

36. Approve Budget Transfers for Warren County.

37. Approve payment in the amount of $52,763.99 to ITA for Property Tax Abatement within the transpark.

38. Claims

Department Heads

Brett Hightower, Sheriff

Lynette Yates, County Clerk

Stephen Harmon, Jailer

Chris Kummer, Executive Director, Parks & Recreation

Josh Moore, Public Works Director

Ronnie Pearson, Director, Emergency Management

Tommy Loving, Executive Director, Drug Task Force

Susan Lewis, PVA Administrator

Bob Appling, Executive Director, Contractor’s Licensing

Ben Peterson, Executive Director, P & Z

James Marcrum, Superintendent WC Justice Center

39. Adjourn

Agenda June 24, 2022
Download DOCX • 35KB

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