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February 28th's Fiscal Court Meeting Agenda

"PDF Version attached at bottom of the page"

Presentation of Citation of Heroism


8:00 AM



1. Invocation, Esquire Mark Young.

2. Pledge to the Flag

3. Roll Call

4. Approve Minutes of the Fiscal Court Meeting of February 11, 2021.

5. Approve Work Schedule for the Warren County Road Department.

6. Approve Personnel Changes for Warren County.

7. Approve 2nd & Final Reading of Ordinance #22-06WC Rezoning Property located at 0 Dye Ford from AG (Agriculture) & R-E (Residential Estate) to RS-1A (Sigle Family Residential) containing approximately 84.113 +/- Acres and presently owned by Big Reedy Enterprises, LLC % Elizabeth Sigler and Barry Woosley.

8. Approve 2nd & Final Reading of Ordinance #22-07WC Rezoning Property located at 4693 Hydro-Pondsville Road (portion) from AG (Agriculture) to R-E (Residential Estate) containing approximately 1.70 +/- Acres and presently owned by Randy & Donita Russell.

9. Approve 2nd & Final Reading of Ordinance #22-08WC Authorizing a Lighting Agreement between Warren Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation and Stagner Farms, Phase 1.

10. Approve 2nd & Final Reading of Ordinance #22-10WC Amending the Electrical Permit Fee Schedule.

11. Approve Determination in the amount of $7,378.52 to Huntsman Automotive for the replacement of two (2) Catalytic Converters for Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 trucks. (These Converters were stolen from trucks that were parked at the Maintenance Lot at Griffin Park). (Best determined price).

12. Approve Determination in the amount of $3,819. to AAA Security for (3) three cameras to cover same areas that were left out upon initial purchase. (AAA has security contract for the Parks).

13. Make part of the record Certificate of Liability Insurance for NTW Holdings, LLC.

14. Approve the Joint Agreement with the Warren County Parks and Recreation Department and the Warren County Board of Education for the use of their facilities for recreational purposes. (31-month Agreement).

15. Approve Determination in the amount $9,850. to P&P Telecommunications for a Camera System for the Parks Department. (Three quotes received this is the best quote). There have been two thefts at Griffin Park in the last month and they are stealing catalytic converters from our vehicles which total approximately $10,000.

16. Approve the purchase of a Pallet Jack for Buchanon Park and the Tennis Facility from MH Equipment in the amount of $4,389. (KPC Pricing). MH is making a $2,000. Donation to Feeding America for this purchase. (Original price would be $6,389).

17. Approve Determination in the amount of $2, Reynold Sealing and Striping (KPC Pricing) for repairs to the Hockey Rink at Griffin Park. (Several large cracks in surface).

18. Approve the purchase of a Bobcat Compact Track Loader (Skid Steer) from Bobcat of Bowling Green in the amount of $91,648.55. (State Price Contract).

19. Approve the Rental of a Bark Blower from Stephens Seed and Supply for a two (2) week period at a cost of $4,510. (The blower will be used for the yearly mass mulching throughout the park system and all the downtown properties. (Single Source)

20. Approve the January 2022 Treasurer’s Report.

21. Approve Budget Transfers for Warren County.

22. Approve Emergency Order #22-04, Nunc Pro Tunc, Amending the 2022 Net Profit Tax Collections Date.

23. Approve 1st Reading of 22-11WC Rezoning Property located at 7516 & 7530

Gotts-Hydro Road from AG (Agriculture) to RR (Rural Residential)

containing approximately 4.97 +/- Acres and presently owned by Leroy

Cole and F. Scott Milligan, Trustee for Sandra Cole.

24. Approve Determination in the amount of $13,200. to Bluegrass Ballfields

for six (6) Portable Pitching Mounds to be used throughout the park

system. (Three quotes solicited, this is lowest and best quote).

25. Approve Determination in the amount of $12,470. to Executive Elevator

for repairs to the elevators at Justice Center, Courthouse and Parking

Structure. (Executive Elevator has our Contract).

1. Approve Determination in the amount of $11,000. to HB Clark Signature

Disc Golf Course Design for replacement of Disc signs for Griffin, White,

Moore and Buchanon Parks. (The old ones are in very poor condition).

(Single Source Vendor).

2. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,559.20 to Winlectric of

Bowling Green for 100 LED bulbs and 24 drop-in ceiling tile LED fixtures.

(Three quotes requested - only 2 received).

3. Approve Determination in the amount of $1,200.40 to Smith Paint & Body

in Smiths Grove, KY for repairs to the 2019 Dodge Durango. (This is

from a hit and run collision when the vehicle was parked outside a

deputy’s residence). (Three quotes requested - only 2 received).

4. Approve 1st Reading of Ordinance #22-12WC Relating to the Closing of C. B. Huff

Road located within Warren County, Kentucky.

5. Approve Order #22-05 Declaring Surplus Property for the Plano Volunteer Fire


6. Approve Determination in the amount of $2,000. To Green River Watershed Watch for

2022 water sampling. (Single Source) (Paid by Stormwater Management).

7. Approve Determination in the amount of $14,587.94 to Dell for the purchase of six (6)

Optiplex 7090 Computers for Public Works. (State Price Contract).

8. Approve the transfer of an Enterprise 2017 Ford F-250 Pickup Truck from the Warren

County Regional Jail to the Warren County Parks Department. (This is the same

vehicle that was transferred from Public Works to the Warren County Jail. It is no

longer needed by the Jail).

9. Approve FirstNet to provide cell phone and Tablet Services to Warren County. (This

is switching from our current provider Verizon and would be a savings of $589/month).

(State Price Contract).

10. Claims

Department Heads

Brett Hightower, Sheriff

Lynette Yates, County Clerk

Stephen Harmon, Jailer

Chris Kummer, Executive Director, Parks & Recreation

Josh Moore, Public Works Director

Ronnie Pearson, Director, Emergency Management

Tommy Loving, Executive Director, Drug Task Force

Susan Lewis, PVA Administrator

Bob Appling, Executive Director, Contractor’s Licensing

Ben Peterson, Executive Director, P & Z

James Marcrum, Superintendent WC Justice Center

11. Adjourn

PDF Download:

Agenda February 28, 2022
Download DOCX • 35KB

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