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A citizen,
not a politician.

I am running for 5th District Magistrate to serve Warren County, my home of 30 years. I am a Conservative, a small business owner, a homesteader and father of nine children.  I am seeking opportunities to use my skill set in creating positive change for our community.  I view this position as a representative of We the People.  I am self funding my campaign and will be donating my salary to local non profits, volunteer fire departments and the Sheriff department.  Please vote Eric Aldridge for 5th District Magistrate in the November 8th General Election.

Here For The People

In many ways, our county is moving in the right direction. I believe with conservative, decisive, leadership that is focused on smaller government involvement and greater community support, we can make Warren County a happy place now and for future generations.

Meet Eric

I have lived in the 5th district of Warren County for over thirty years. My wife, Ellen, and I have been married for twenty-five years and have nine wonderful children ranging in age from one to seventeen.  We live on a small farm where we instill Christian values and hard work in our children.  My family is the primary motivation in my decision to run for office. I desire my children to have the best opportunities for success as they grow and learn here in Warren County.  


I Am Here To Serve

As a candidate for 5th district Magistrate, I am not searching for a political career. Instead, I am looking to use my skill set to create positive change in my community.  I am approaching this position with a servant’s heart to give to my community in a new and different way. For that reason, I am self-funding my campaign and will not be accepting contributions. My 5th district Magistrate salary will be donated to local charities, non-profits, the sheriff department, and volunteer fire departments. In my Fiscal court actions, I will always be 100% honest and transparent. I believe this position should never be used for personal financial gains.

Meet Eric

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A citizen,
not a politician.

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